Rotgipfler Ried Flamming

10 ° celsius
7 years

The hillside Flamming is the eponym for the Rotgipfler „Flamming“. The development happened to 90 % in steel tank and 10 % in barrel. The odor stands out with tropical, ripe fruits as mango, pineapple, papaya. The wine is very balanced, corpulent and tight – a hint of grapefruit arranges the freshness at the palatine. A close, meaty, harmonic body marks this Rotgipfler. The Flamming offers a complex experience for the flavor – a tropical fruity game paired with freshness and savory zest. A perfekt companion for lunch and dinner with great potential to ripe.

Acerbity: 6,5 g/l | Alcohol: 14,0 Vol.-% | Residual sugar: dry2,0 g/ | vegan

Paired with poultry, calf, fish and pasta