a great piece of craftsmanship

with lots of passion

Our family has been running the Leo Aumann Winery in Tribuswinkel in the Thermenregion, south of Vienna, for more than two decades. The mild climate and the different soil conditions contribute to the characteristic taste of our wines. The Romans have already planted vineyards in this region. During the last two decades, we have managed to make the name Leo Aumann known nationally and internationally, even though the winery is not one of the oldest in the Thermenregion.

Leo Aumann


A winemaker with body and soul. With his experiences collected abroad, the demands on himself and his winery, grew. The ambition, the right feeling for good wines and the uncompromising quality requirements fill his bottles with characteristic wines.

The family


With us everything revolves around wine. But that doesn´t matter. It's even good that way. A formidable team spirit, many willing hands and a bond with the work itself are omnipresent in our family. The children love to play in the vineyard, while Mom and Dad take care of the business. But one thing all the Aumanns have in common: the boundless connection with nature. Strong roots in the vineyards and family life make it possible to find the balance between wine and the enjoyment of life.

The Thermenregion, south of Vienna, is one of the most famous and oldest wine-growing regions in Austria. The remains of mussels, snails and other marine life can still be found in the sandy loam soil. More than 2000 years ago, the Romans brought vines to the region. They recognized the possibilities of the mild climate and with that they laid the foundation of a long tradition. Later, the Cistercian monks perfected the viticulture and today we are passionately working to get the best out of the soil, the climate and the vines.  For the best quality and unmistakable style of the Thermenregion.  

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